Globaltech Immigration is one of Canada’s leading provider of immigration services based in Edmonton, Alberta and we bring a one stop solution to all your migration related queries. Canada is one of the most desirable locations for immigration aspirants. Canada’s lenient immigration laws invite application from skilled workers who will help in raising the economy of the country. Mr. Parmeet Lamba is the regulated Canadian immigration consultant of Globaltech Immigration and he provide the best advice according to the client’s situation.

Our goal and success are defined by the level of customer satisfaction we provide. So, we always make sure to provide the best service by meeting client’s needs timely and professional way.

Also we believe, immigration must be affordable for every aspirants those who want to relocating themselves for a better lifestyle. Our services are available at reasonable and affordable rate compared to similar companies.

We have a dedicated team with precise knowledge in the field of immigration, visa processing and other related services to fulfil your expectations. They provide time-to-time assistance to complete the process on time ensuring successful results.



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